Joe Saward

Joe Saward

The real stories from inside the F1 paddock
  1. The inside story…

    My goal with this blog is to help fans better understand, and to give them a chance to learn more about the sport. If you are fascinated by the spor, you are bound to have questions and my Audiences with Joe are designed to provide answers. With plenty of questions about the F1 season, lots […]
  2. How F1 payments work…

    People often ask who gets paid what in Formula 1. It is a very difficult question because the total is based on the annual earnings of the Formula 1 group (the EBIDTA), but it is not 100 percent clear what is included and excluded in reaching this figure. The basics of how this is divided […]
  3. The branding of F1

    The F1 logo is clever. It always has been, and it has been under-exposed because the company under Bernie Ecclestone didn’t really care about branding. Bernie often said his customers were not the public, but rather the TV companies, race promoters and sponsors who funded his games. They were the ones who dealt with the […]
  4. Notebook from nowhere in particular

    My apologies, but the last few days have been very busy, writing 18 hours a day and, of course, flying home from Brazil. Then I had to try to get the hotel in Sao Paulo to give back money to which it helped itself without my permission – and without telling me. The justification for […]
  5. Five hours after the race…

    Sebastian Vettel won the Brazilian Grand Prix for Ferrari, chased all the way by Valtteri Bottas, while Lewis Hamilton drove a sensational race from the pitlane to fighting for third place with Kimi Raikkonen on the last lap. It was a good show, but as the fans drifted away after the race, one could not […]
  6. Something to keep you amused…

    Earlier this week, before jumping on a plane to Brazil, I hooked up with the Missed Apex podcast to talk about the current state of Formula 1, which I do from time to time. If you would like to hear what happened, click here. They did have to use the bleeper a little, which I put […]
  7. Exit Felipe (gracefully)… again

    Williams has confirmed that Felipe Massa will leave the team (again) at the end of the season. Massa retired last year but came back this season after Mercedes required Valtteri Bottas to replace the retiring Nico Rosberg. Massa joined Williams in 2014 and helped the team secure third place in the Constructors’ Championship in 2014 […]
  8. The laws of the jungle

    Having been away from home for much of the last month, it was time this week for a few grandparental pleasures. After the F1 engine announcements, there were inevitable grumblings from the manufacturers and some worthless sabre-rattling, so I enjoyed a day out looking at the back end of ostriches, mean-looking leopards and lazy lions […]
  9. The shape of things to come

    The FIA, the F1 commercial rights holder and current (and potential) Formula 1 manufacturer representatives met in Paris yesterday to reveal the plans for F1’s engines in 2021. The goal of the regulations is to reduce costs, while retaining some road relevance, improving the sound of the engines and attracting more manufacturers to the sport. […]
  10. Notebook from Iztacalco

    In the days of the Conquistadors, this place used to be an island in Lake Texcoco, not that you would know it today. The Spanish drained much of the valley, but there remained a complex maze of chinampas, artificial islands created to provide protection for the residents, and to grow food. These appeared to be […]

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