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Now that my heart rate has returned to normal after the amazing Spanish GP it's time to contemplate what might go down around the streets of the Principality (other than gallons and gallons of alcohol - or is that litres and litres of alcohol?) In actual fact, we are quite likely to see a fascinating quali (where I think Red Bull will be right up there giving the Mercs and the Ferrari's a challenge) and then a procession of a race given the perils of passing on the street circuit. I would like to be wrong - perhaps if there is a little rain mid-race??

At some circuits the local wildlife seems to develop a taste for motor racing (or a burning desire to get on TV) - in recent years we have seen seagulls in Melbourne, skunks and squirrels in North America, and even the odd 2-legged mammal or random support vehicle taking to the track mid-race (hint - it was a couple of Asian rounds). But I recall with some amusement the night I learned what the abbreviation YOLO means, it was a few years ago during the Monaco GP when a pigeon, or was it a collared dove, seemed determined to get his beak on the world feed irrespective of whether it was still attached to his body. Or not at the time. Christened the "YOLO Pigeon" on social media the bird was a sensation for a few days before slipping quietly off the media radar to join the other curiosities that went viral (Boaty McBoatface anyone?? ). As applied to our feathered attention seeker, YOLO means " you only live once " and you might like to check out the clip if you can't remember the incident in question.

I would really like to see Riccardo take the win this weekend, or if that isn't to be perhaps a Ferrari taking out the race. Whatever does occur, it is sure to be a spectacle as Monaco can be nothing less. And who knows, perhaps we might just see Boaty McBoatface moored amongst the fancy yachts quietly waiting for his chance to once again get his face (or should that be poop deck??) into the spotlight on the world feed?? Ok, fine, that last sentence is a bit ridiculous but it's late and I might just have been risking the editor's displeasure by trying to get the word "poop" legitimately into a blog post. YOLO........

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