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I know, a bit late this week with my ramblings, blame it on Internet gremlins...

Although there were more media types at the Thursday driver's pressed than usual so I suspect they may have had an inkling something was afoot, despite my Monty Python reference. And the Spanish Inquisition was the best way to describe what went on last Thursday as Kyvat and Verstappen faced the world's media after the surprise relegation of Kyvat mid-season to the junior Red Bull team. Remind anyone of Game of Thrones?? As an aside, if you ARE a fan of the Game and you haven't already done so, check out the Twitter timeline under #SpanishGP for some very funny comments and memes after Kyvat confessed to watching Game of Thrones when he got the shock news from Dr Marko. In any case, the whole presser is worth watching to see that there were actually other drivers there and how they went about trying to get noticed when everyone seemed to fixated on the Red Bull guys.

There are a few theories out there as to what happened to trigger the switch, for my money I think Red Bull saw they were in danger of loosing Verstappen to Williams or Ferrari and moved pre-emptively to secure their future star. This also means driver silly season has well and truly begun, with a few senior (or not so senior) drivers like Button, Raikkonen, and Massa rumoured to be on the brink of being voted off the island at the end of the season. I wonder how many more trashy TV references I can get into this post......

In more important news, Hamilton seems to have brought yet another new hat to the market and this one seems to be a random maroon colour (that might be puce, or burgundy for the non- Queenslanders out there) and is doing his best to have it on his head at all times. Perhaps Mr T we will see you resplendent in maroon in Austin if the sun shines on us this year? And the Ferrari reliability gremlins continue, seemingly spreading to Haas as well during Friday practice. Perhaps it's the Spanish 'flu??

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