After the most awesome race in Austin (when it finally happened) and a boring race but great atmosphere in Mexico, we head down to Brazil this weekend. Before we get to that, how about a few reflections on Austin.

Friday morning wasn't too bad, but by Friday afternoon things were definitely deteriorating. With the massive rain, lightening, and wind issues over the weekend the COTA team were very lucky there was no serious damage to property or people. Can't say the same for the cars in the unsealed parking lots though, more than one car ended up stuck in the carparks around the track. Although I believe there was only one by the end of the weekend still stranded, a number of us (yep, me too!) ended up donating all our cash on hand to the enterprising young man with the F250, snap strap and foresight to stick his mobile number on poles all round the parking lot for those of us who thought our 4WDs could do what the big trucks could and plough through the mud. And for those who are asking, yes I did make my flight. Just. Won't be doing that again!

Most of you would have seen the pictures from COTA on race weekend. Apparently, the Mexico weekend was 10times worse with a tornado touching down in an empty lot (N), so much rain that the access tunnel to the pits and the pit lane flooded, and a bolt of lightening melted a few plastic chairs in the main grandstand. Hmmm, when those signs about severe weather come up next time I may actually take them seriously!

Anyway, enough looking back, (let's face it, Mexico's race was rather forgettable) let's look forward to this weekend. Will Honda get both cars to the finish? Can Ferrari keep the Red Bulls behind them? And will Red Bull stop bad mouthing all their potential engine partners? Ok, I know, pigs might fly and all's hoping we get an entertaining race!