F1 returns to Austria this weekend, the country that half of the world still seems to get mixed up with the Great Southern Land (otherwise known as the home of the opening round of F1 each year - Australia). Following that theme, seeing we had a Hamilton win in Australia and a podium interview (a very entertaining one, even though in general I'm not a fan of celeb interviewers on the podium!) from arguably the world's most famous Austrian - Arnold Schwarzenegger, I reckon it would be so cool to see Hamilton win and Arnie with the mic for the podium interviews. Sort of like entering the twilight zone, or would that be the de ja vue zone?

Continuing with the slightly bizarre theme, there's been a lot of talk this week of the new 'short nose' that McLaren are looking to run this weekend. Some of the good but possibly under-employed people of the twitter-sphere immediately interpreted that quite literally, leading to this absolute corker of a photo-shopped image that's been doing the rounds. I can't work out if it's creepy, cute, or an animal in disguise - what do you think??

Other points to watch out for this weekend are potential grid penalties for Red Bull and McLaren (engine changes), and a resurgent Hulkenburg following his great win in the World Endurance Championship 24hr Le Mans race last weekend. Here's hoping that it's a more interesting race than the last round, and we're talking about something other than McLaren engine issues or Hamilton's comfortable win come the end of the race.