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Hi there folks - apologies for the radio silence, but normal service will resume from this round!!

Two real talking points from last round in Monaco, both have the potential to influence goings on in Montreal this weekend. The first is the ongoing debate / discussion (farce??) around using grid girls vs grid boys, with the situation best summed up I think by Sebastian Vettel who was asked by BBC5Live journalist Jenny Gow what he thought about the use of grid boys in Monaco.

Jenny Gow: And so tell me quickly, your thoughts about grid boys?

Sebastian Vettel: Ah, devastated. I don't get it. Um, sorry, but, if I was into men then it's probably a different story but I'm not, and ah, to park the car and look at the bum of some George or Dave, no, wasn't happy with that.

Jenny Gow: so then you're hoping they go back to girls then in future and this is the end of the equality move?

Sebastian Vettel: Well, it's's part of the race, I mean, y'know, for some there is traditions and there is good traditions that we shouldn't break with those.

So what do you think? My guess is that we'll see the grid girls back in Monaco, the organizers wouldn't want to upset a 5-time world champion like Vettel.....

The other big story from the weekend, and the one probably more likely to cast a shadow forward to this weekend's race was the amazing error from Mercedes to pit Hamilton from the lead during the Virtual Safety Car / Safety Car cross-over to cover off a potential tyre risk which, to us non-experts (well, to me at least!!) seemed a ridiculous move, and almost certainly cost Hamilton his Monaco win which continues to allude him. Took some fast talking to get him to the podium and I imagine some grovelling from various team figures (public apologies from Wolff and Lauda immediately after the race seemed to help), although Hamilton's post-race press call was surprisingly sanguine. Hamilton always seems to go well at Canada, and now that the new 3 year deal with Mercedes has been sorted, baring a car-tastrophe like the ones that gifted the race to Red Bull, he should be back on form this weekend I'd suggest.

I reckon Ferrari and Williams will be fast this weekend, but the Renault and Honda engines just don't have the power to play with the big boys at a circuit like this one. However, one can only hope that Alonso will actually finish a race this weekend - and maybe (just maybe) we might see a double-points finish for McLaren Honda??

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