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How good is this revamped website? I will admit to a few technical challenges (turned out to be a "PBSAK" error) but hopefully normal service has now resumed. Or at least as normal as I can get.

There is the start of a winter chill in the air, Melbournians are complaining about the traffic chaos around Albert Park, Daniel Ricciardo is on EVERY TV show day and night (bet Webber doesn't miss that!), drivers and team staff are tweeting selfies from various tourist attractions and complaining about jetlag, and there is a story about Bernie Eccelstone in the local papers. All this can only mean one thing - F1 is BACK baby!!

In case you don't have time to read up on all the off-season happenings, here's the bare minimum you need to know before you head to the track or curl up on the couch (or set the alarm for my northern hemisphere friends):

1. Caterham won't be on the grid, their team has been sold for scrap (well, not really but just about everything they owned has been sold to pay the creditors).

2. Despite what you might see in pit lane, Marussia are NOT on the grid. Well, technically they aren't.....the team is know known by their official former name "Manor GP" but they are using Marrusia 2014 chassis ( which passed crash testing but didn't get to testing so it's anyone's guess whether they will make the race start). Will Stevens will pilot one car, as for the other.......anyone got a spare million Euro to contribute to funding my F1 dream?

3. Bianchi is still very unwell, but has been moved to France and some reports say he is breathing on his own. We here at (along with the whole F1 community) continue to wish him a speedy recovery.

4. Jenson Button got married, Lewis Hamilton broke up with his girlfriend (again), Kimi's son Robin was born in January and Grosjean announced about a month ago he and his wife are expecting baby number 2 during the northern summer.

5. Drivers can't change helmet designs this year, they have to pick one and stick with it. Will make the commentators lives a bit easier.

6. There are some teams with confusing driver pairings this year. Red Bull have Daniil and Daniel, Williams have Felipe Massa and Felipe Nasr (seriously!) and 75%of the grid seem to be driving silver-coloured cars. will make the commentators lives a bit harder.

7. Melbourne race starts an hour earlier this year to avoid the twilight and apparently make it safer. Really?? I thought it was so that all of us who have to go to work here in Melbourne on Monday get an extra hour to sober up after the race.....

More later in the week. Why not leave me a comment to let me know your thoughts on the season ahead?

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