Never mind the soap opera playing out up at Mercedes, history was made for Marussia today with Jules Bianchi finishing in ninth place and pushing Marussia up the Constructors Championship ladder over Sauber.  The Marussia social media director (who also wrangles the pen during media interviews post-race) was struggling to keep up with the media demand on a day those guys will never forget.  It was a lovely touch that the assembled French media (I believe all ten of them!) serenaded Bianchi with a rousing rendition of La Marseillaise when he arrived back in the garage - and Alsono (who did have a rather lonely race coming in fourth) acknowledged Bianchi with a pretty cool tweet post-race. Although I do have to say that four Renaults with mechanical issues (and one Mercedes - Williams) did give them a bit of a leg up....

I have to say that Im a bit over the Hamilton melodrama.  I dont believe Rosberg did anything improper with his qualifying, but even if he did he drove a better race than Hamilton today - even before Hamiltons vision was compromised.  And what was with that, anyway!  He certainly didnt want to talk about it on the podium, although Im sure a proper journalist (as opposed to a timid minor celebrity) wouldnt have let him off the hook so easily.  Id have even preferred Eddie Jordan to Benedict Cumberbatchs mild-mannered attempt at an interview.  The media has been buzzing since Hamilton and Nicole Scherzinger attended a pre-race function together this week with speculation they were back on - even a reference to that would have been more interesting than where the interview went.  And to see from post-race media clips Hamilton saying he and Rosberg "...are not friends..." then Rosberg saying "...weve always been friends..." is not a good look, the team certainly has its hands full.  I did hear a whisper that Hamilton had used a power setting he wasnt supposed to in order to maintain his race advantage in Spain, although Im sure Nikki Lauda (who, for those who are old enough to remember, had a few intra-team battles of his own back in the day) will work it out.  I guess its a small mercy Hamilton never caught up to Rosberg on the road, based on the team radio we heard between Hamilton and his engineer I doubt anything could have stopped Hamilton from taking Rosberg out if he got the chance.

In other news, after a very promising start Raikkonen had a bit of bad luck and ended up in the bottom three after looking like a podium challenger for much of the early part of the race - and Daniel Ricciardo was so close to grabbing second place at the end there.  A good result for Hulkenburg after the overtaking move of the race on Magnussen at Portier (look for it on youtube if you missed it!) to bring Force India home ahead of the McLarens and Williams who were rather disappointing in terms of pace and reliability.

So - Canada in two weeks.......although Canada seems to favour Hamilton more than Rosberg, Ferrari are bringing major upgrades to Canada and might be the ones to watch for the minor placings.  Id love to see one or both Marussias actually beat a Sauber on the road (dont laugh, it might just happen!)