A relatively uneventful (but cautious) FP1 on Thursday was quickly followed by a hailstorm and significant temperature drop before FP2.  As you might expect, FP2 turned into a standoff as teams waited someone else to head out and clear the track first!  In the end everyone had a go but it ended early for Kimi who has a gearbox problem, however he almost had a bigger problem when he walked in front of Vettel who was making a practice start from his pit box.  The incident would have been quite nasty except for a quick-thinking Red Bull mechanic who crash-tackled Kimi out of the way.  What is Finnish for "oomph"??

thursday night is party night, so Friday is typically quiet.  But then the action kicks off in earnest Saturday - can Hamilton take his first win since 2008 on the Monaco streets?  Or will we see a mighty performance from Ricciardo for his first race win?  And could this be the best chance for Alonso to take a race win this season?  No matter what the result, with the new squirrely cars and lower noise factor, the qualifying and race are sure to be worth watching.